How To Buy Your First Longboard

Now that summer is almost here, it is getting to longboard/skate season!  Nothing better than a beach cruise with a buddy on your new board.

To own the Summer cruise look, you'll have to develop a certain attitude and adopt the style. Most importantly, you're doing this for yourself and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Getting a good board also helps a LOT! Here are my tips when buying and riding your new board! 

  1. Start off with a good longboard. No cheap ones from Rebel Sport. Although they are $50 dollars and can be tempting, don't buy one there. Get one from a good skate store. ( AHEM! *Cough* Twelve Board Store) We ladies tend to focus on what the board looks like, and how pretty the board looks, but have you considered how it feels under your feet??... Come into store and dont be afraid to say, "Hey, I'm new at this stuff and I was wondering..." and take into consideration the advice given. Step on boards and try it out! Every board is different!  Brands mean allot.  From the quality of the components like bearings and trucks to the manufacturing story and use of sustainable materials can be a deciding factor.  Take Landyachtz, they hve a 1 board 1 tree policy. For every board they make they plant a tree.  I buy them because I love to support not only a cool product but ideals that align with me.
  2. Get some safety gear. A helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, etc! Especially when you are a beginner. This is your experiment stage. Who cares if you look “silly” with a helmet on! Why risk your own head or road rash for looks when you could suffer major permanent damage or scars. 

  3. Get good skate shoes. Suede and leather are more durable than canvas. Emerica, Etnies, Vans, Globe all make good skate shoes.

  4. Start off slow. Cruise around until you are comfortable. Also, you might want to figure out your stance. Regular is riding with your left foot forward and pushing with your right foot. Goofy is riding with your right foot forward and pushing with left foot. Pushing Mongo (with your front foot) is a bad habit to get into, because you don't have as much balance, and it takes longer to get into a cruising stance from a pushing stance. 

  5. Get some skate friends. Once you know a thing or two about skating, find some friends who are willing to join you. It's definately more fun to be skating with others! Sunset Skate Sessions is Melbourne’s Longboard Crew and sessions are all the time.

So come into store, get your new longboard and go skate

The Twelve Crew