We always say that snowboard boots are the most important aspect of your snowboard setup. Having a comfortable, correct fitting pair of boots can be the deciding factor between having a great day on the mountain or a miserable one.

Snowboard Boot Fit

Snowboard boots should fit snug around the whole top of the foot and upper heel. Boots need several days of riding to fully break in and form to there true size so you want a tight fit straight out of the box. 

5 Factors To Look For In Great Fitting Pair Of Boots

1.  Toes should be grazing the end of the boot. We don't want you to crammed in there but just touching is perfect.

2.  Bending your knees you should feel your toes come off the end of the boot. This is how you know you have the right size.

3.  Your heel should be firmly held into the heel cup of the boot. You don't want your heel lifting up.

4.  A good way to check heel lift is to rock back and worth on your heels and toes. You should have minimum heel lift.

5.  Small pressure points are normal in a new pair of boots. However, we don't you to be in pain. 

Common Mistakes When Buying Boots

  • Buying a boot off of looks alone and not fit.

  • Buying boots that are too big or too small.

  • Taking advice from friends about boot fit/size. Friends may give you what they think is great advice about boots that work for them, take in account that you may have a completely different foot shape than them.

  • Blowing your whole budget on board and bindings. Really invest in a good set of boots (you spend most your time in them).

What To Do When You Get Your New Boots

1) Put your boots on and lace them up nice and snug, now stand up and straighten your knees.

2) With you knees straight we want your toes touching the front of the boot...that is perfect.  When we say touching we want it pretty hard up, not toes curling over hard up but firm.

3) Now bend your knee's over your toes, your toes should pull back off the front of the boot so no contact at all.  If you still have contact at the front,it's probably a bit small.


If you have any questions about your next boot purchase or how a brand typically fits, give us a ring on 03 9421 2293