One constant with your snowboard new or old is you need to keep your board waxed.  You should wax your board every 4 to 6 full days riding but really its up to you.  The more the better, it just makes it run and perform better.  You can bring your board into a store like ours and we can look after it for you or can get the tools and have a go yourself.  You will need some essentials or an easy way to do it is these kits that have everything you need.  Here are some things we recommend:


There’s a lot of science that goes into modern snowboard waxes, but the main thing to remember is that, when riding down the mountain, a snowboard essentially melts the snow and glides over top of that thin layer of water.

Science Alert: Snowboard wax works to optimize the thin layer of water between a snowboard and the snow to reduce the overall static friction coefficient.  

What wax should you use?  Always use a good quality wax brand and be aware of the ideal temperature you should use.  In Australia we generally use a universal temp wax and warmer temp wax as we head into Spring but if you are heading to Europe or North America you might need cold temp wax.  We are happy to answer questions or point you in right direction.

Check out this video from Burton and happy waxing.