Coming Soon // Onewheel Unveils The Pint X & GT

Get on the list to get your hands on the latest from Onewheel.  Welcome the Pint X and Onewheel GT.  2 new boards from Onewheel due for release in Australia from mid 2022.  Both boards are a result of feedback from the global Onewheel community and focuses on power and battery range.  Release dates for the new boards vary with limited numbers of Pint X availabe now HERE and the GT not releasing until late June in Australia.  The Onewheel Pint and XR stay in the range for now so make sure and get them while you can.  So what's inside the new boards?


Inside The Onewheel Pint X...

The Pint X is all about performance, affordability and practicality. The perfect city commuter for those who need to get places but also want to tear it up on the weekend.  Like the GT new internals pump out the power getting upto 29km/h and a range of 30km. Self balancing and easy to ride the Simple Stop Dismount Technology is perfect for starting out but still allows experienced riders to open it up.  At only 12kg and 27” long the Pint X can be stored under your desk or easily carried though the city.  Cool addition to the range that lets you choose between the standard Pint at a price point, the GT and the Pint X right in the middle.

Inside The Onewheel GT...

The GT is probably the one people are most excited about.  You get an entirely new control system putting out higher voltage which equals more power and torque in addition to a dynamic performance at all speed levels. You have the potential to clock 32km/h and get upto 50km of range!!  That is a long ride!  The new custom profile tyres will take your caring and control to the next level as well as having a treaded option you can choose to have.  New built in lights that are 300% brighter, more concave and grip in the footpads, Maghandle so you can easily carry and new APP so simply connect to your phone and customise the way your board rides, plan your outings, monitor your battery levels, connect with friends and so much more.

Register below to get your hands on them...

The new Onewheel Pint X and Onewheel GT will be available in Australia right here at Twelve. They both will be released globally mid 2022, if your keen we have a deposit free list going just register below.  Stock is going to be limited so before they go up for sale instore or online we will be giving everyone on the list exclusive opportunity to be the first to get the new Onewheel GT and Onewheel Pint X in Aus.  Register below or give us a call and get your name down with nothing to pay they are due for arrival.

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