dot Motor Sleeve | 83mm (Set of 2)

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4 payments of $17.49
4 payments of $17.49
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Choose your Deck

With three deck options, DOT has a board for every skating style.

The Compact is the ultimate cruiser. Perfect for skaters wanting a lightweight deck that feels like a traditional skateboard.

The Cruiser the right mix of power and stability. It's the perfect board the skater that wants the stability of a longboard but the moveability of a cruiser.

Built to rip the Transporter has that traditional longboard shape.  The drop style deck offers stability and hairpin turns, keeping you lower to the ground and eliminating wheel bite. 

Choose Single or Double Hub

Customise your DOT board and give it even more power by going for the Double Hub motor configuration. Double Hub gives your board up to 30% hill climb. Single Hub offers 15% hill climb.

Stackable Batteries to Extend Your Range

All DOT boards have the option to add at least two batteries, allowing to ride further for longer! Each battery has 14km of range.

Compact - Add up to 2 batteries

Cruiser - Add up to 3 batteries

Transporter - Add up to 4 batteries

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The Electric Skateboard that rides just like a Traditional Skateboard!
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