Just like any new shoe, snowboard boots have a period (usually 5-7 days) where they feel slightly uncomfortable and it takes time for them to break in and mold to your specific foot shape.  Heat molding is a great way to start the breaking in process of your boots before you even get on the mountain. Doing so will minimise the amount of days it will take for the boot to mold to your foot.

How Does the Heat Molding Process Work?

We heat up the inside of the snowboard liner for about 10 minutes. This makes the liner more moldable. Once heated, the rider will but the boots on and spend some time in them until liner cools down. This process will start molding the liner to the rider's foot shape.

Are all Snowboard Boots Moldable?

Most are. All the snowboard boots we carry are heat moldable. We highly suggest heat molding ThirtyTwo boots.


With every snowboard boot purchase, we offer this service for free. If you didn't purchase your boots with us and want to heat mold your boots, no dramas drop in-store and will be happy to sort you out (small fee applies).