Big foot snowboarding

Depending on your foot size, you may be thinking about getting a wide snowboard. Generally speaking if your foot is a men's US 12+ you will need a wide board (260mm waist width). 

However, every snowboard company defines wide snowboards differently and some "wide" boards may not be 260mm in the waist width. So it's very important to pay attention to the waist width of the snowboard rather solely relying on if a snowboard says wide on it or not. 

General Guide: Waist Width & Boot Size

Wide Board: 260mm+ waist width (Men's US 12+ Boot)

Mid-Wide: 255-260mm waist width (Men's US 10-12 Boot)

Normal: 245-255mm waist width (Men's US 8-10 Boot, Women's US 10+)

Majority of men's boards sit in this waist width category. 

Narrow: 235-245mm waist width (Women's US 5-9 Boot)

Majority of women's boards sit in this waist width category.


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