Ride Carver: The Rise Of Surf Skates

So what is a Surf Skate?  A Surf Skate Skateboard is basically a larger cruiser or mid sized longboard that has a special truck that allows you to mimic or duplicate the pump and flow you get surfing.  Skateboards were originally invented as a way for surfers to do something when the waves were flat.  Have you watched Lord’s Of Dogtown?  That's when it all started.  

On a regular skateboard momentum if mostly gained from pushing. Riding a surf skate, momentum is generated from carving and upper body movement. Carver has always been about surfing, and of capturing that joyous feeling of flow on a skateboard. The original since 1996, Carver has led the modern surfskate movement forward with its innovative truck systems, like the reverse-kingpin CX for a quick and snappy ride, or the lower, lighter C5 for tricks and parks. And with a variety of surf-inspired shapes and concaves, along with our fast and grippy Roundhouse wheels, Carver delivers speed, power and flow so you can truly ‘Surf your Skate’.   


Carver Skateboards are the bee’s knee’s when it comes to surf skates.  Used by the Australian and USA surf associations as off water training tools whether you want to improve your surf skills or create the most epic flow in your local bowl these need to get on your list of must haves.  Check our massive range of surf skates including Carver HERE