The Best Selection Of Kids Skateboards

You are never too old or young to start skateboarding.  We specialize in all kinds of boards but when it comes to kids skateboards Twelve Board Store is where you want to be.  We stock every size board from the very little shredders all the way to the big kids (adults). 

When buying a kids skateboards there is a few things you need to know.  Board sizes are broken down into a few categories. 

- Mini which is for the little ones usually under 4 or 5 years old and is under a 7.25" wide.

- Mids which is our best seller and anywhere from 7.25" and 7.75" wide and suits anywhere from 5 to 17-year-olds.

- Full size which is a 7.75" and up and is your regular size board.  If you have bigger feet or are skating in the bowl or want to go a bit bigger in width, it provides more stability.  

When trying to find the right size we recommend always go a bit bigger, they are going to grow.  To help out here is a handy Size Guide below or you can always phone us, drop instore or email anytime.  

We stock the biggest brands and what we think are the best kids skateboard's you can get anywhere in Australia plus the right advice from our expert staff. 

Did you know we run a lessons program here in the store on Saturdays and when you buy a board you get 2 x FREE lessons with it?  Free shipping and we now accept Afterpay so getting a new skateboard has never been easier.  CLICK HERE to shop our range.

Skateboard Size Guide