Loaded Bolsa x Carver Dropping now

I know lots of crew is pretty hyped about the new Loaded Bolsa x Carver Surf Skate.  The Bolsa takes the incredible Loaded manufacturing with a deck that features an aggressive performance concave with wheel flares to keep you locked in. Under the hood we get Orangatang 4President wheels with Loaded Jehunion bearings.  Get the ultimate snap and carve from Carvers CX truck.  Just to put a Loaded spin on it they have retrofitted them with Loaded Knuckle bushings just to add a bit more pop.  

These are due to drop over the next few days in Australia so keep your eyes peeled here to get your hands on one. Stock will be limited so get in fast.  The Loaded x Carver Bolsa is going to be so rad. 



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