Twelve Tip: Remove & Replace Your Bearings

We get asked all the time about how to remove and replace your bearings on your skateboard quickly and easily.  With a skate tool and a twist of your wrist it's easy..

Step 1 - Using your T Tool remove the axle nut.  Slide your wheel off but be careful to keep an eye on the little speed rings that sit on the inside and outside of bearing.

Step 2 - Take wheel with bearing inside and use the very end of the axle o\n your truck.  Just barely put wheel on so the bearing just catches and pry bearing out.  Repeat on other side.

Step 3 - To put bearings back in slide a bearing on truck axle then wheel and press wheel straight down.  Repeat for opposite side.

Step 4 - Once bearings are in wheels slide 1 x speed ring on axle, slide wheel with bearings in next then slide the 2nd speed ring on.  Place axle nut back on and tighten until there is only about 1mm of play. 


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