No Snow No Problem!! Scratch That Snowboard Itch With Summerboard

If you are like us and have been watching the epic snow season Japan is having with tears in your eyes.  Lucky thing we have the perfect machine to scratch that itch.  Let me ]introduce you to Summerboard.  Summerboard makes the world's first electronic skateboard that simulates the feeling and experience of a snowboard, so you can shred the pavement like you'd shred on the slopes. 

The center powered wheels provide power and allows you to tilt, drift, rotate and slide just like on a snowboard.  They come with footholds built into board which give you control like being strapped into a binding and all the time it is controlled by a easy handheld remote.  Other cool features are swappable batteries so you can get extra range and the center wheels rotate 360 degrees so you get traction and power in all directions.  You can buy Summerboard exclusively in Australia here at Twelve Board Store and get free shipping Australia Wide.  Get your snowboard fix this Summer with Summerboard HERE 

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