Boosted Mini X Available In Australia Now

You have heard about the Boosted Mini X?  If you have, it's probably already on your list.  If not you want to check these out.  Now they are not cheap.  The Mini X will set you back $1599.99 Australian which is awesome for what it is.  Considering they are $1100 USD,by the time you convert the dollar, ship and pay import tax/GST we are cheaper to buy the Boosted Mini X than anywhere else.  Plus Twelve is the official service and warranty center for Boosted in Australia.  Any Boosted question we are your only port of call. 

So why is the Mini X so special?  The Mini X is the perfect commuter, small and powerful.  The XR battery will have you travelling up to 22km in a single charge while the dual belt driven motors are zippy and powerful climbing hills with ease and hitting speeds of 30km/h.  My favoutite feature is the tidy size, stealth look and functional kick tail.  Tic-tac and control your board like never before then stash it under a desk.

Come in and try the Boosted Mini X and Boosted Stealth in our Melbourne store 7 days a week and find out for yourself why we are so excited about Boosted Boards.  Available now instore HERE and online HERE.  Stock is getting limited so make sure.


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