The Ultimate Guide to Powder Snowboards + How They Work

If you're looking to sneak a Northern Hemi trip in this summer or even gear up for an epic AUS / NZ winter, a powder board is a necessity in your quiver. 
Powder snowboards have a few features that make them especially great for keeping you on top of the snow. Here are some of the key features to look for when browsing through powder boards and how they features help to keep you above the deep stuff on your most epic days of the year. 

Volume Shifted Snowboards

The biggest factor when determining float, is the total surface area (or volume) of the board. Adding even just a little bit of width to a snowboard can add that much more volume or float when in deep snow. Adding volume in the width rather than the height allows powder boards to get away with being significantly shorter. Shorter boards are more playful and offer a easy turning experience when in powder. 

Taper & Directional Shapes

Having a wider nose of the board and narrower tail is beneficial in deep snow because it helps keep the front of the board above the snow. Directional features like swallowtails and unique tail shapes can also help keep your nose up.

Longer Nose & Shorter Tail

Much like Taper, having a longer nose and shorter tail is helpful because it will keep the tip of the board floating above the snow.


Some snowboards feature setback which gives you the option to move the bindings back. This in turn elongates the nose making it easier to float in powder.  

Our Go To Powder Boards

Jones Mind Expander Snowboard

This is a seriously fun powder board, perfect for Japan, North America or pretty much anywhere you want to take it. Perfect for the deep stuff but also really surfy and fun to ride on cord. 

Designed by surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones, the Mini Mind Expander features a Christenson surf rocker profile and a blunted nose for epic float in pow plus a full sized tail for legit freestyle performance. The unique shape is matched with a short sidecut for snappy turn performance and a little wider waist width so the board can be ridden shorter. Check out the Jones Mind Expander Here


Jones Hovercraft Snowboard
This snowboard is a staple in the Jones collection year after year and it rarely changes much. Why mess with perfection? No but seriously, this a board that you're going to want to put in your quiver. 
The Hovercraft is an alternative freeride board who’s nimble maneuverability and diverse performance has earnedit a cult following. It’s unique, compact shape matches a short tail with a long sidecut so you can rip turns of anysize. The Hovercraft is designed to be ridden shorter than your average freeride board as the trim shape packs serious surface area in a small package. For serious float in any snow condition, the Hovercraft features a directional rocker profile and a 3D Contour Base 3.0, and for added edge grip it has Traction Tech 3.0 edges. 
Check out the Jones Hovercraft Here
Jones Hovercraft Snowboard
Korua Shapes Dart Snowboard
If you think of powder snowboards and don't think of Korua Shapes then you must be living under a rock. They have rocked the snowboard community with their simplistic take on powder and turning shapes. The Dart is one of our top selling boards every summer for those heading overseas and for good reason. 
The Korua Shapes Dart is inspired by classic retro powder shapes, but it’s built with a modern twist. It may have a very powder-oriented aesthetic at first glance, but it’s actually a highly versatile ripper for slaying turns both on and off-piste. It’s the perfect shape for riders who are looking to focus on their turning style, while driving out of turns with speed in all types of snow conditions. Check out the Korua Shapes Dart.
Korua Shapes Dart
Lib Tech Orca Snowboard
We don't need to say much about this snowboard other than the fact that T. Ricky rides it. That should be reason enough to throw it in your quiver. 
But seriously, the Lib Tech Orca is a seriously fun versatile board. It features a long floaty nose, combined with powerful, poppy contact maximizing short radius Whale Tail Technology. A tight 7M trench gouging sidecut. Enough width to allow you to really put it on rail on hardpack with no toe drag and to float pillows like a dream, but still narrow enough to be your daily driver all season long. Take it to Alaska, drop Japan or Canadian pillow lines or blow minds shredding the home resort all season. Check out the Lib Tech Orca Here.
Lib Tech Orca
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