Murf's Electric Bikes Available Exclusively In Melbourne At Twelve

We have always been really proud of our choices of what we stock and who we stock.  We have always taken the approach then rather than a range we prefer to think of it as a curated offering.  Sounds corny maybe but for us it always reminds us that the quality of the gear is 1st followed closely by the integrity of the brand and the people who sell it to us.

Which leads us to this, we are super stoked to announce that we are the sole stockist of Murf Electric bikes in Melbourne.  So what is Murf's?  I have had my eye on Murf's for a long time and have been chasing the guy's or a while.   Out of San Clemente, California, Murf's Electric bikes is the apitomy of what an electric cruiser bike should be.  The style, feel and etho's of the Murf's brand mirrors us.  These guys live it, breath it and ride it.  The vision of us meeting at friends place in Jan Juc with a couple of Murf's and strapping a surf board to the side and hitting Bells is perfect as it gets.  I mean an electric bike that holds a surf board hitting one of the most iconic Surf Beach's ever.........I mean c'mon.  Murf make the best beach cruiser electric bike on the market hands down and Melbourne you are going to love them.  The look the feel and the spec's are incredible...have a look HERE we think they are sweet.

So excited to work with the Murf Crew in California and Josh Kerr here in Australia and riding the excitement the brand is making.  Stock is going to be super limited this Chistmas, as it is with most cool things, so getting your order in is crucial.  Shop online or once we are out of lockdown drop by the store to demo a Murf Electric Bicycle.  Get hyped these are awesome.


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