Onewheel GT-S: Get Your Name On The List And Be First In To Get One

Get your name on the list and be one of the very first to get a new Onewheel GT when they hit our shelves.  Future Motion, the creator's of Onewheel, have blown the doors open this week with the announcement of the new Onewheel GT-S. This thing looks like a beast and has some serious tech that carries a pretty hefty price of $3200 USD, so by the time you convert the dollar and get it here we are looking at around $6000 AUD (thanks Aussie dollar) This has just been released in the US and we are waiting as usual for Future to green light delivery to Australia which will be in the New Year.  While its always nice to get new boards right away, with the GT we saw a delay of 4 to 6 months to hit international shelves which turned out to be perfect as we saw firmware updates, upgrades & bug fixes by the time our boards got here.  Like the GT they will be very limited at first so if you are dreaming of a new Onewheel GT-S sign up below and get your name on the list to get one out of our first delivery as well as all the updated news on everything Onewheel.

Here Is What We Know:

The GT-S has a huge 113V drivetrain that has 50% more voltage than the Onewheel GT, and delivers phenomenal torque.  The GT-S was solely designed for riders who have always dreamt of getting more out of their Onewheel.  The GT-S has more power, is lighter, lower to the ground and has all new footpads.  Even with the battery delivering so much power they are saying you can get upto 40km of range out of it during normal riding

"S-Series has the power and performance most Onewheel riders dreamt of but didn't think was possible," says Founder and CEO, Kyle Doerksen. "This was the first time we truly set out to create a board for those who are pushing the boundaries of the sport. It took over a year of development and intensive testing with the best riders, but the proof is in the pudding. Even casual riders will notice a huge difference in the capability and confidence that the S-Series inspires." - Kyle Doerkson via PRNewswire

Onewheel GT S-Series is stacked with new features:

  • Increased Power, cutting edge 113V high voltage drivetrain with 50% more torque than GT for increased performance, hill climbing and speed. 
  • Upgraded S-Series Motor, factory upgraded motor with ultra-premium Japanese NSK bearings for improved efficiency. 
  • Lowboy Footpads, a more comfortable concave footpad design that lowers ride height by 5mm to give riders more control and boardfeel.
  • GT Performance Treaded Tire, constructed with compliant sidewalls and a lower durometer compound for more passive stability and control at speed.
  • Custom Shaping 3.0, the new GT-S features the new Custom Shaping upgrade giving you never before seen control
  • Lighter weight, weight reduction of over two pounds from Onewheel GT.

The new Onewheel GT-S is going to have the seasoned Onewheel riders, racers and trail heads rothing.  I cant wait to get on one of these!!


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