Summerboard SBX Electric Skateboard Extreme Pack

Summerboard SBX Electric Skateboard Extreme Pack

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    Summerboard SBX Starter pack includes Summerboard SBX, Launchpads, Freshies and a spare SBX Battery


    Introducing the Summerboard SBX, formerly the artist known as Leiftech.  An electric skateboard with a unique drive system that feels like you are snowboarding.  Look your feet in and get your carve on.  Reach speeds up to 40km/h and long battery life of up to 20km.  The batteries are airline travel safe as well as swappable so you can carry extra batteries for longer range.  Even if you've never snowboarded in your life, you can start shredding the Summerboard in less than an hour!  The most fun off the snow you can have.


    Launchpads feel like a cushy snowboard boot and allow riders to have an even higher level of control in total comfort.  We use high density Cordura for the underside that is texturized for grip, and ripstop nylon on the outside to minimize abrasions and look slick.  One pair of pads per order (1 right foot and 1 left foot)


    Freshies 2.0 are an alternate wheel option that ride a variety of terrain and open up more places to shred with the all new freshies. Each set comes with two (2) wheels with axles pre-installed.


    Extend your shred session by up to 19 more km's with the spare SBX battery.  Just unclip and click a new one on.



    Features: Swappable battery, 40km/h top speed, 20km battery range, electric snowboard, comes with foot holds and Launch Pads, Freshies 2.0 wheels, extra SBX battery, Hand held remote control