If You Wanted A Boosted Mini S In Australia You Should Check Out The DOT Compact

The Boosted Mini S was a long sought after mini electric skateboard that had heaps going for it. It was a quality electric skateboard that was affordable, airline travel friendly and compact. Many brands have tried to duplicate its compact, fun, cruiser feel without much success. If you have been one of the many in Australia chasing a Mini S for a long time, look no further than the DOT Compact. This electric skateboard has a lot going for it!

Let me start by telling you a little bit about DOT Electric Skateboards. DOT is all about premium quality, lightweight electric skateboards that offer unprecedented levels of customization. DOT offers battery modular technology that allows for you to customize how far you'd like to travel. Need more range? Easily attach a second battery or even a third battery onto your board. Need more power? Add a motor and give your board that extra kick you're after. DOT's commitment to premium modular technology, incredible range and time-tested skate hardware is clear after your first ride on one of their boards. 

The DOT Compact is the perfect electric skateboard for anyone that has been chasing a Mini S like cruiser electric skateboard. The DOT Compact is a convenient, affordable, portable e-board. With a standard configuration of one motor and one battery - you have the option to upgrade to a two-motor configuration and add up to two batteries. This makes this board extremely airline travel friendly.

The Compact offers:

  • Max Speed of 30 kph

  • Range of 20 km

  • Up to 30% Hill Climb

  • One or Two Hub Motors

  • Three Ride Modes: Novice, Eco, and Expert

  • Light and Durable 30" Maple V-Ply + Fiberglass Deck with Kicktail

  • 83mm 78a Urethane Wheels

  • DOT Lithium-Ion Battery – the world’s most advanced electric skateboard battery management system

  • DOT Remote Control with intelligent, customizable features


Trust us when we say this is the lightweight, travel-friendly, go anywhere DOT board for you. Book a demo appointment on our website, to try one out for yourself!


Watch DOT Electric Skateboards - Compact 



Watch Dot Boards - Compact Electric Skateboard Review 

Dot Compact Review

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