Hey Melbourne Globe Presents The Girl Skateboards Mel-Bourne Identity

GIRL Skateboards are in Melbourne for a couple of weeks for a Thrasher Magazine feature article and a filming mission but they are doing one public appearance and demo on the Globe Ramp 5-7pm next Saturday February 9th. Globe is putting on a BBQ and Colonial Brewing Co. are providing the beverages.  They also will have a street course set up in the loading dock for all to skate so bring your boards.  Amazing line-up and sure to be a good time.  Hope you can make it, spread the word…

Featuring: Andrew Brophy, Rick McCrank, Tyler Pacheco, Simon Bannerot, Niels Bennett, Griffin Gass, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll.

                                        GLOBE PRESENTS
                               'THE MEL-BOURNE IDENTITY'
                               A GIRL SKATEBOARDS DEMO
                             5-7PM SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9TH

Girl Skateboards Mel-Bourne Identity Demo Coming Soon

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