2023 Yes Snowboards | Sneak Peek


We are excited to get our hands on the new 2023 range of snowboards from our friends at Yes Snowboards.  We are not allowed to release to you guys until March 1st from pr9eorders but we though we would sneak some of the highlights in to get you frothing.  But first a little about Yes.  It all started in 2008. Romain de Marchi (RDM), Jan Petter Solberg (JPS) & David Carrier Porcheron (DCP) was pushing the limits of freestyle in the backcountry.   The 3 boys were changing snowboarding and influencing all generations of riders. Riding for Burton's legendary UnINC program the financial crisis hit and for some reason brands pulled back on cool things like UnINC and 3 of the biggest names were left without a board sponsor anymore. Frustrated by the no we can't responses the fells's decided to adopt the moto YES WE CAN. When everyone said no you can't to what they were dreaming,  designs and construct0ion they wanted, the guys pressed their first snowboards and hand painted YES WE CAN on the bottom. A true rider driven, tech driven and creative snowboard company was born.

Since the start of it all we have always been apart of the Yes Snowboards family and they have been part of ours.  Our relationship far surpasses just a store buying great products, we have a similar outlook on how we think things should be done, a commitment to only quality as well as having some fun along the way.  We really feel the range lines up with what our customers and the Australian rider is searching for.  We have had the crew out to Australia multiple times, sometimes just for beers and pizza (Romain loves a pizza) and most of the time its about the boards.  These guys have always made snowboards because they wanted to ride them or really felt like the market was missing something.  Every year we see changes, tweaks, improvements and 2023 is no different.  The guy's have pushed the envelope with graphics and tech seeing the return of staples like the Yes Basic, Yes Standard and Yes Hel Yes as well as some really cool new looks like the new 2023 Yes Greats line, the 2023 Yes Warca and the Standard UnINC.

Stock is going to be limited especially on some of the unique boards.  What was ordered 6 months ago is all that is coming so make sure if you have your eye on a new 2023 model Yes Snowboard buy it online, instore or get ahold of us and we can organise a LayBy to ensure you get your name on your dream board.  2023 Yes Snowboards are arriving soon, check out this sneak peek of some of our faves.  The entire 2023 range available for pre-order HERE.

2023 Yes Greats Snowboard

The 2023 Yes Greats steps away from the black & white theme to this awesome graphic line.  Each board has been taken from the print so buy 1 or get them all to put on the wall.  New look, same tech which smashes all ASSYM boards on market. Shop the new Yes Greats Snowboard HERE.

2023 Yes Warca

Always ahead of the curve the Warca pay's tribute to all the boards on the market that had derived from the iconic Yes 420.  A really tech directional shape you can ride in the resort on you next Hotham trip or pack in your bag for Japan. Check out the Yes Warca Snowboard HERE.

2023 Yes Standard UnINC

The 2023 Yes Standard UnInc gives a little more punch than the traditional Standard.  This is a little more like the original Standard which if you own one was a weapon. Check out the YES Standard HERE.

2023 Yes Jackpot

The 2023 Yes Jackpot is just cool.  This should be the board for anyone looking for a technical park board you can ride all over the Mountain.  2 Thumbs up. Find out more about the all new Yes Jackout HERE.

2023 Yes Hello

The 2023 Yes Hello was built in response to a growing demand for a true resort board. The directional twin shape allows it to float shamelessly through powder and chatter, making it a true quiver-killer. Ladies, check out the Yes Hello HERE, you'll be happy you did.

2023 Yes Wo\mens Basic

2023 Yes Womens Basic.  How it always should have been.  A Women's specific Yes Basic.  No more buying a guys board in a small size or something similiar with a different name just the same Good Wood Award winning snowboard just for you. Read more about the Women's YES Basic HERE.

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