Here at Twelve we believe that the most important aspect of snowboard gear is a great fitting pair of boots. Snowboard boots can make or break your day on the mountain so its really important to make sure they fit correctly and are comfortable. 

Don’t skimp here; snowboard boots are where it pays to spend a little more money and time getting the right fit. We know that not everyone can come in store so we have created this easy fit guide to make sure you have the right boots on your feet. 

Snowboard Boot Sizing

Finding the right size is important, when first putting on your boots your toes should be just touching or grazing the end of the boot (unlike normal shoes). Then once you have tightened up your boots bend your knees and you should feel your toes come off the end. This is how you know you have the right size. 

Snowboard Boot Fit

Snowboard boots are designed to fit snug, however not to the point where there are pressure points or pain. Heel hold is an important factor. All boot brands run a bit differently as far as how they fit. Some are wider or narrower than others. It is important that you foot is snug in the boot and your heel is locked down. 

A good way to check heel hold is to rock back and forth on your toes and heels. Your heel lift in the boot when doing this should be minimal. 

Snowboard Boot Flex

Snowboard boots have different flex ratings ranging from soft to stiff. This is a bit of personal preference. However, softer flexing boots are generally great for beginners, or park riders and stiffer boots are great for riders who need a bit more response like freeride/splitboarders.