The New Evolve Stoke Is Coming

Get ready for the new Evolve Stoke.  I remember asking the boys at Evolve HQ about a year ago if they could do a shortboard after the crazy success we had with the Boosted Mini X.  Well, we are stoked to be landing the new Evolve Stoke.  You get this really cool swallow tail cruiser shape with kicktail, the same 1500W motors as the GTR series as well as the GTR Bluetooth remote.  You are powered by the new Evolve travel battery which will give you 15km+ of range and you can fly with it, Orangatang Caguama wheels and ceramic bearings  Another new feature and thing we will sell is this very cool bumper bar that protects the motor from curb drops and also can be put on the GT Series and GTR Series boards.

The Evolve Stoke is rad.  Compact, fun and looks cool.  At $1399 this is going to kill it for Summer.  Pre-order the Evolve Stoke in Australia here from early October!!


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