Summerboards What's The Story

Part of our story when it comes to boards has always been to find something that could replace the feeling of snowboarding during the shoulder season when we could not travel oversea's.  There are so many fun rides that scratch that itch like drop-through longboard, Carver Surf Skate or electric boards.  The Evolve GTR series with its double king-pin has insane carve.  No doubts that Evolve was the answer.  That was before Summerboard.

Summerboard is a unique electric skateboard that has 2 powered wheel in the middle of the board that give it a really cool snowboard feel.  You are able to carve, slide and spin unlike anything we have come across.  They take a bit to get the hang of but when you do they are the most fun thing you will ride.  Take a look below at some video's we have but together to help out getting started but also give you an idea of what they do.  Check Summerboard out HERE or drop in and try one out.  Loads of fun!!


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