Ready To Snowboard? Restrictions Are Easing What Does It All Mean?

So snowboarding in 2020...what we know so far about the 2020 snowboard season.  With the announcement by the Federal Government and the State counterparts over the last few days, we have seen a whole lot of info come up about easing of restrictions over the next few weeks.  So what does that all mean and what we are allowed to do and not do in regards to the snow. The image above sort of lays it out as it stands right now in terms of the first stage.  You can get out with a small group and go for a hike.  Let's call it exercise in the lead up to the opening of the season.  Take your splitboard and snowshoes and go explore. However, if we all keep doing our part by social distancing and continuing the trend we have been seeing the past few weeks, Stage 2 looks a whole lot different.  Word on the street is that resorts have told staff that they need to be ready by July 1st.  So a later start but that is fine, it never really snows till July anyway.  We may not have things like accommodation on Mountain or restaurants/bars in the early days but again when we edge towards August and we achieve the next stage we should almost be back to near normal according to the planned stages.  Social distancing and common sense will always be needed from here on in I figure and just how a day at the snow will exactly look remains to be seen but one thing we are certain of is that lifts will turn.  So get ready, Winter is coming!  Keep your eye on the resorts websites and our Social channels for any updates and keep on keeping on so we can bounce this thing!!
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