Press Release: Onewheel GT Footpad Recall Australia Update

Last week news broke from Future Motion that they are recalling Onewheel GT's in the USA due to a faulty footpad issue.  This has sent the social media into a frenzy as the haters going to hate and current GT owners panic a bit.  So what does this mean for Onewheel GT's in Australia?  So as we have said all along the good thing about Future Motion neglecting the international market with GT deliveries is that by the time the actually get here we have had the issues with firmware and now footpads sorted.  Any Onewheel GT bought from an Australian retailer will have new footpads installed before it reaches you.  What if you bought one from the US?  Get in contact with Future Motion ASAP.  This issue is a definate safety issue but now that Future Motion is ahead of it, it's mostly logistics thing getting you new footpads.  Installation is easy and we can assist if you need no probs.  Here is a breakdown of the recall HERE


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