OneWheel: The Buzz With The Latest Update

Over the last couple weeks we have been keeping an eye on the interweb and forums to gather as much info as we can about the new ONEwheel 6153 update.  Here is what we know...

The Update

The latest '6153' firmware update from Future Motion has been released with 2 new features.  Haptic Buzz is a unique and revolutionary addition to the Onewheel which now offers riders both an audible and tactile alert system to warn them when they are nearing the board's operational limits aka nose diving.  This new technology creates feedback using the motor itself and allows riders to not only hear but also feel important safety alerts in their feet, providing additional feedback to help them stay informed and in control and ultimately makes so you cant miss it.

Custom Shaping 3.0 is cool.  This allows a new level of control and customization options over how your board feels. Once updated use adjustment sliders in the app to change individual parameters such as Dynamic Responsiveness that lets the board be more responsive or mellow, Turn Compensation that lets the board corner differently on berms and side-sloping terrain, and even tune these factors based on speed using the new Advanced Aggressiveness Profile. 

Haptic buzz and Custom Shaping 3.0 will be available via a firmware update to Onewheel GT now (I am sure your apps have had it pop up) and haptic buzz will be available for Onewheel Pint X, Pint and Onewheel+ XR owners in the coming weeks. 

Key Features:

Haptic Buzz
  • combines an audible alert with a unique tactile feedback system, sending vibrations directly to the rider's feet when the board detects pushback or over-torque situations. This dual-alert approach provides riders with an additional warning to Pushback.
Custom Shaping 3.0
  • Digital leveling / Stance Profile: Future Motion allowing the rider to set their own nose angle.
  • Multiple Profiles: Ability to save multiple custom tweaks and profiles (can name your presets)
  • Braking Aggressiveness: Ability to set braking aggressiveness (regen)
  • Acceleration Profile: Refining where peak acceleration occurs (tight or loose setting – Aggressiveness).
  • Turn Compensation (Turn Tilt): Ability to tweak heel and toe and nose and tail refinements (Roll and Yaw settings for the Onewheel)
  • Disengagement Delay Feature: Ability to keep motor engaged (delay increase) when sensor is disengaged 

So Should You Get It?

There is loads of chatter in forums and Youtube about the negatives and benefits of the latest update.  Haptic Buzz has been brought out as a safety feature and one the new riders will love.  Those riders who have had your boards for years and race or push the limits might not dig the Haptic Buzz but feedback has been that it is pretty mellow.  Custom Shaping 3.0 is awesome and so welcome I think from the community.  People have been waiting for Onewheel to allow a better level of customization that has only been avail through 3rd party apps and really has to be done by someone in the know.  The update also affects everyone in the community who are fighting the right to repair issue and have developed in's and out's of fixing and upgrading through the 6109 firmware.  For all you crew who have customized rails, added batteries and changed it up so you could have aftermarket options going from firmware 6109 to 6153 will kill all those things.  Have a look HERE I think Fix My PEV lays it all out really well.

Any Issues When Updating?

We have had 1 customer that had the board (GT) brick during the update.  We just sent a support request to FM and they had it sorted remotely within 24 hours.  

So...should you get it?

We can't tell you what you should do but I will say Custom Shaping is really good and Haptic Buzz as a safety feature will save some skin, plus is easy to deal with.  The whole issue of locking out the ability for people to use ReWheel or other 3rd party upgrades sucks but there are some super clever people in the community Globally who I am sure are working on work arounds.  We upgraded to 6153 for shop demo and custom shaping is rad!  So no matter what you do have a blast riding!    

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