New Boosted Boards Are Landing Soon

We just confirmed with our friends at Boosted Boards in San Francisco that the new Boosted Stealth, Boosted Mini X and Boosted Mini S are due to ship out to us this week. This is massive news for all our waiting customers who were hit with a delay at the beginning of August as the new boards weren't quite ready.

The new range of Boosted Boards have got rave reviews.  We are super excited about the Mini X and Stealth.  The Mini X has killed it with it's compact size and extended range battery.  The fact it has a functional kicktail and will feel like a normal skateboard has people frothing.  The Stealth is a spec'd up new version of what Boosted's flagship board has always been.  New deck feel, longer-range battery plus an extra gear to get more power and speed.  This thing is fast.  You can check them out HERE and be quick stock is limited and running low.

The boards leave Boosted on the 30th of August via airfreight.  They will land here a couple days later then just have to clear customs.  As soon as we receive them we will be in contact to get them shipped out to you or picked up.  Thanks to everyone for the patience and get pumped because they are close. 


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