K2 x Tony Hawk x Birdhouse Snowboards Instore

Now this is really cool.  Check this new K2 x Tony Hawk x Birdhouse snowboard collection.  The crew at K2 Snowboards have teamed up with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and his company Birdhouse skateboards on a limited collection of snowboards that mix skate and snow.  K2 with Tony Hawk and the entire team at Birdhouse Skateboards have released 2 boards in this Limited Edition Series that just hit Australia. 


The Party Platter, which is a really cool volume shifted freestyle board that rips in all conditions and the After Black which is a true staple, all-rounder and takes you from lazy Buller laps to the park.  Both boards feature K2's industry changing tech and the can't miss Tony Hawk graphics featured on Birdhouse Skateboards though the years.

Hang these on your wall or ride them, just get a hold of this collectors item.  Only a few were bought into Australia so be fast.  Check out the K2 Snowboards x Tony Hawk x Birdhouse Skateboards collection HERE