K2 Snowboards x Tony Hawk 'White' Edition Available Now


The K2 x Tony Hawk Birdhouse Party Platter Snowboard is back for a 2nd year! These boards are limited edition and only 550 of them are available globally.

The crew at K2 Snowboards have teamed up with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and his company Birdhouse skateboards on a limited collection of snowboards that mix skate and snow.  Cosigned with Tony Hawk and the entire team at Birdhouse Skateboards, the Party Platter is truly a freestyle take on a “shaped” snowboard. Many “shaped” snowboards are built to zero in on one specific riding style - this is NOT one of those snowboards.

The K2 Party Platter is purpose-built to be a daily driver for slashing berms, laying down carves, and plowing your way through thigh-deep pow. This volume shifted board is designed to be ridden short and wide, and features a rocker-camber-rocker profile for extra energy in transition. Although it's a ton of fun anywhere on the mountain, the K2 Party Platter x Tony Hawk x Birdhouse Snowboard really comes into its own in tight trees, narrow chutes, and featured terrain. Add one-of-a-kind Tony Hawk x Birdhouse graphics and you have a collector's item you can both ride and cherish.  

The K2 x Tony Hawk Party Platter Snowboard is available in Australia at Twelve Board Store from 9am 28/09/2022................SHOP HERE

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