It's Started! Japan Getting Early Snow

The guys over at Mountainwatch have reported some amazing scenes out of Niseko with over 75cm of fresh snow falling over the last few days.  Japan is amazing, when it starts to snow, it absolutely dumps.  Scenes like this are a regular thing for travelers searching for what many feel is the place that get's the best snow anywhere in the World.  And it seems to be the same year after year.

So when does the Japan season start?  The resorts in Japan open officially around the end of November and runs usually until late March.  The key months to go, when they get the most snow is January and February.  For example, Niseko gets on average 14 meters of snowfall.  It is the powder factory and should be on you must do list if you have never been.  The snowboarding is epic, the food is so good and the nightlife is famous.  Whats even better is getting to Japan is easy.  Almost no time difference to Melbourne, you just get on a late night flight, have a sleep and wake up there.

If you want to find you for yourself hit up our travel partners Mint Tours and mention us and they will look after you door to door.  Thanks to Mountainwatch and Niseko Guiding


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