Feature Product: Dragon Photochromatic Goggle Series

When you are checking your gear out before heading off on an oversea's snowboard adventure, you goggles are one of the most key aspects of your gear.  Look and fit are one thing of course.  Look for a gapless fit that hugs your face.  Alt fit or Asian Fit goggles can offer better fits for different types of face shapes.  But what we really have to have is the ability to either swap between low light and highlight lenses easily like Anon or have a lens which changes automatically depending on light conditions like the Dragon  Photochromatic series.

LUMALENS® Photochromic adaptive goggle lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight and lighten in overcast/cloudy weather. The process is so seamless that you don't even notice the tint changing. In various lighting conditions, certain colors can enhance vision.  Dark to light, Buller or Japan the Dragon Photochromatic Series have got you covered no matter the light conditions.  Check them out online HERE or drop instore for a demo


Dragon's Lumalens Photochromic Technology from Dragon on Vimeo.

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