Evolve Skateboards Releasing New Electric Skateboards

I woke up to an email from Evolve Skateboards that teased the release of new boards.  That's right new Evolve Electric Skateboards are on the way!  Now at the moment, we are as clued in as you as to what they are, the specs, what they look like and how much they will cost.  But we can dream, can't we? 

So what should Evolve feature with new boards?

1) I would like to see a spec'd up quality battery that is faster with more range. 

2) A mini board would be cool, the Boosted Mini X has been such a big seller surely Evolve could do a small version we could carry around.

3) Something with a battery you can fly with.  Something that bums people out is the fact we can't fly with our Evolves.

4) A super spec fast as hell concept board.

5) Interchangable batteries.

Again we have no idea, this is just what I would like to see.  But stay tuned we will release details as we get them.  Watch this space

 New Evolve Skateboards Coming Soon

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