Do You Even Hover? Checkout The Jones Hovercraft Series

Twelve is the premier Jones Snowboard EPICenter's in Australia.  So what does that mean?  It means we don't just sell the snowboards, we are one of the go to Dealers on the Planet who specialize in Jones Snowboards, Jones Splitboards as well as Jones backpacks and accessories.  We stock it all pretty much year-round.  There are a few boards in the Hovercraft Series including the Hovercraft, Ultra Craft, Hovercraft Split and Ultracraft Split.  Discover them below and take the ride of your life away with you this Summer. Let's break them done below.

Jones 2020 Hovercraft

This time of year as everyone starts to pack up and head off oversea's chasing steep mountains and neck deep powder.  One of our most sought after boards that you guys choose in the Jones Hovercraft.  And for good reason.  The Hovercraft feature is an alternative freeride board who’s nimble manoeuvrability and diverse performance has earned it a cult following. The unique shape matched with a directional rocker profile, Traction Tech 3.0 and a long sidecut allows the Hovercraft to float through any snow plus rail turns of any size...MORE HERE

The Jones Ultra Craft is a high-performance alternative freeride board that carves piste and rips pow like a race board. Featuring the same shape as the Hovercraft, only built with premium materials, the Ultracraft has no top speed railing a turn in smooth snow. The rocker nose delivers epic float in pow while the stubby, stiff tail and long sidecut offer powerful board control when moving fast. The 3D Contour Base 4.0 features spooned nose+tail edges for improved float and turn fluidity and a speed channel in the tail for added glide. New for 2020, the Ultracraft is now built with our FSC Ultra Core for lightweight pop and a Flax Topsheet plus Basalt Power Stringers for a supreme torsional response & reduced board chatter and improved sustainability...MORE HERE

The Hovercraft Split is purpose-built to surf the earth and features a directional shape that truly shines in the backcountry. It’s nimble, squat outline provides the float of a much longer board, and the short running length makes it super manoeuvrable in the tight trees and skinning up. The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft keep you surfin’ on top of the soft stuff, while the stiff tail keeps you stable through any unexpected crust. For added edge grip on icy skin tracks or firm descents, the Hovercraft Split features Inner/Outer Traction Tech 2.0 edges. New for 2020, the Hovercraft Split is built with a FSC Engineered Veneer Topsheet and Rounded Recycled ABS Sidewalls for improved topsheet durability....MORE HERE

The Ultracraft Splitboard is one of the lightest, most technically capable splitboards on the planet. Despite it’s featherweight, the Ultracraft is rock solid on descent as the directional rocker nose delivers epic float while the stubby, stiff tail offers powerful board control. The Ultracraft is built with our most advanced materials including Textreme Carbon, our new FSC Ultra Core and a new Ultra Base that’s the fastest base we’ve ever tested. Updated Inner/Outer Traction Tech 2.0 edges improve edging power going up or down and the Boltless Bridge plus Karakoram Ultra Clips deliver rock solid torsional response. The Ultracraft Split also features new Karakoram Tip-Lock clips that lock your nose+tail together in ride mode and Rounded Recycled ABS Sidewalls for improved topsheet durability....MORE HERE