Unraveling Freestyle Snowboards vs. Powder Snowboards

Snowboarding...we love it.  Whether its riding here in Australia or heading off snowboarding overseas in places like Japan, Austria, Canada or the USA having the right snowboard and snowboard gear is essential.  But with so many snowboard options available, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a snowy maze. In this blog, we'll unravel the mysteries behind two popular snowboard types: freestyle snowboards and powder snowboards. Whether you're shredding the slopes in Melbourne or preparing for an epic mountain getaway, understanding the differences between these boards, as well as the essential gear like snowboard boots and gloves, will ensure you're well-equipped for an unforgettable ride. 

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Freestyle Snowboards: 

Mastering the Art of Tricks and Park: Freestyle snowboards are essentially designed for riders who crave the thrill of the terrain park and enjoy performing impressive tricks and jumps but also are considered all-mountain boards that can ride all around the resort. These boards are characterized by their symmetrical shape, usually featuring a twin or directional twin design, meaning the nose and tail are identical or just slightly set back. This symmetry allows riders to execute tricks and landings with ease, regardless of their direction. When it comes to flexibility, freestyle snowboards tend to be softer, providing better maneuverability and enhanced control. This flexibility enables riders to effortlessly bend the board, initiate spins, and tweak their tricks mid-air. Additionally, freestyle snowboards often feature camber or hybrid camber profiles, which enhance pop and responsiveness, crucial for nailing those high-flying stunts.

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Powder Snowboards: Floating on Cloud Nine: 

Imagine gliding through waist-deep, untouched powder with the sensation of floating on clouds. That's precisely what powder snowboards are designed to deliver. These boards boast unique characteristics, allowing riders to conquer deep powder and off-piste adventures. Powder snowboards are typically wider and longer than freestyle boards, offering more surface area to effortlessly float on soft snow. Their distinctive shape often includes a tapered nose and tail, with the nose being wider than the tail. This design allows the board to effortlessly cut through deep powder while maintaining stability.  This is what we refer to as float. To provide maximum floatation, powder snowboards have a rocker or hybrid rocker profile. The upward curve, wider or longer shape in the nose keeps it elevated above the snow, preventing it from sinking, while the tail offers stability and control. These features, combined with the flex of the board, enable riders to effortlessly navigate challenging terrain and experience the pure bliss of snowboarding in powder.

Our Top 5 Freestyle Snowboards

1) Salomon Huck Knife

2) Burton Custom

3) Jones Mountain Twin

4) Salomon Assassin

5) Yes Greats

Our Top 5 Freeride/Powder Snowbards

1) Jones Hovercraft

2) Yes PYL

3) Korua Shapes Dart

4) Season Kin

5) Burton Skeleton Key


Essential Gear for Unforgettable Rides: 

Before hitting the slopes, it's essential to gear up properly. Snowboard boots, gloves, and other equipment play a pivotal role in ensuring both comfort and safety. Snowboard boots are specifically designed to provide ankle support, reduce foot fatigue, and deliver precise control over the board. Look for boots with a snug yet comfortable fit to avoid blisters and ensure optimal responsiveness during turns and tricks. Snowboard gloves are indispensable for keeping your hands warm and protected from the biting cold. Look for gloves that offer insulation, waterproofing, and a grippy palm for optimal performance. Don't forget to choose gloves with wrist protection to minimize the risk of injury. When it comes to other snowboarding gear, consider investing in quality bindings, a helmet, goggles, and layered clothing to stay warm and dry throughout your day on the mountain.


Choosing the right snowboard for your riding style can make a world of difference in your snowboarding experience. Whether you're yearning to nail jaw-dropping tricks in the terrain park or seek the ultimate powder adventure, understanding the nuances between freestyle snowboards and powder snowboards is key.

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