Buying Snowboard Boots Online? Here is how

Buying snowboard boots is one of the most important things you do when it comes to your snowboard kit.  The easy way is to jump into our store and let our Team of experienced staff fit you up.  When we fit boots we take a whole bunch of things into account to ensure we get you the perfect boot.  This includes the length of your foot of course, width, ankle size and position, body weight as well as talking about your riding style.  But what if you can't make it into the store?  Buying snowboard boots online can seem a little daunting but we have come up with a system to make it easy.  Attached to every boot is a pop up size guide that plays this easy to follow video on how to nail the right fit everytime.  By following this we can lock in your size and have your new boots delivered right to your door.  But what if when you get them and they don't feel right?  No probs send them back and we will swap them for you. 


 Here are some tips to make buying snowboard boots online easy...

1) Look at the price point of boots.  Generally as things go up in price they get a little stiffer so we want to make sure we are getting something that suits your riding style.  Also for bigger guys a stiffer boot will support you better

2) When you measure your feet make sure you do both.  Most people have 2 different size feet so we want to fit for the biggest.

3) When your new boots are delivered put them on and tie them up nice and snug.  Stand up and straighten your legs...your toes should just touch the end or be really close.  Now bend your knees over your toes...your toes should just pop off the front.  Not touching at all.

4) Boots take time to break in so you will want to wear them around heaps.  The more the better.

5) Make sure you stick your new boots in your bindings before you go to the snow.  Best to make any adjustments to your straps etc before you are in the parking lot at Buller

6) Call us.  Any questions or recommendations we can help with to make your life easier lets make it happen.    

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