Get Them Here First. 2020 Model Ride Warpigs, Superpigs, Mtn Pigs and Twin Pigs Arrived

2020 model Ride Snowboards have arrived in Australia!  Stoked to have first production runs of the new 2020 Ride Warpig, 2020 Ride Twin Pig, 2020 Ride Mtn Pig and the all-new 2020 Ride Superpig.  When Ride brought out the Warpig a few seasons ago it was a game changer.  The shape, the punch all wrapped up in that downsized package was a hit in the store and under the feet of riders everywhere.  This season we see some tech changes and improvements and the introduction of the brand new Superpig which is going to kill it.  Now, unfortunately, we can't show you the entire board graphic yet but this will give you an idea.  These are already selling and like last year will sell out early.  Available now with free and fast shipping Australia wide.

Buy The 2020 Ride Warpig Snowboard 

The Warpig returns this year with the addition of a new smaller shape and a Snowboard World Championship title thanks to RIDE Global AM, Brandon Davis. This board is designed for fun in all conditions with a unique shape that is shorter, wider, and tapered to allow for a more manoeuvrable snowboard that can lap the park and still float you like a board twice the size SHOP HERE >>> 

Buy The 2020 Ride Twin Pig Here 

Take everything that makes the Ride Warpig a sellout every year, turn that into a true twin and you'll end up with a Twinpig! Wider than average so you can ride it a few cm shorter than average means all the speed and stability of a larger board without all the swing weight! SHOP HERE >>> 

Buy The 2020 Ride Mtn Pig Snowboard 

The Tundra Wookie. The Bargoyle. The MTNPIG. You will encounter all of these in a mountain town, but only one of these is this fun to ride. Some people don’t like the look of the MTNPIG, with its blunted shape and half-moon tail, but anybody who has ever ridden a PIG can tell you that they are down for anything. This all-mountain snowboard features a Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber with rocker in the tip for deep snow performance and camber all the way to your rear contact points for edges you can depend on when conditions firm up. Our engineers rode the MTNPIG exhaustively to ensure that when you hopped on, you’d have the ride of your life thanks to vibration damping Carbon Slimewalls® that work alongside Carbon Array 5™ Laminates to enhance edge-to-edge response and pop. An amped up all-mountain variation to our popular WARPIG snowboard, the MTNPIG is designed for a stiffer, faster ride from top to bottom that will float in deep snow and hold an edge when things get sketchy.  SHOP HERE >>> 

Buy The 2020 Ride Superpig Here 

As if the Warpig couldn't get any better, Ride is proud to introduce the all-new Superpig. The amped-up version features a carbon infused Race Base for extra speed. Complete with a performance core and Carbon Array stringers the Superpig is geared for aggressive riders looking to power through all conditions. SHOP HERE >>>

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