The Rise & Fall Of Boosted...Where Now

Boosted: So What Happened

Many of you will know that Boosted Boards sort of self imploded about 12 months ago and are no longer around. That's right the biggest, most inluential and really the brand that started the whole e-board rise off has gone belly up. So how does a multi, multi, multi million dollar company go under? Hey it happens all the time, things are not easy out there. Being the biggest dealer in this part of the World we started getting vibes around XMAS 2019 when calls were not returned, we could not get stock and getting parts and batteries for repairs and warranties was not happening. The boom...they were gone. There is a podcast HERE that lay's it all out for you, but still blows us away that a brand like Boosted can vanish. A crazy combination of mismanagement, COVID and the Trump tax can do it. Have a listen for yourself.

So what about your board

So the good news is we bought as many parts, batteries as we could. Plus there are a few places in the USA and Europe that did as well. The bad news is this stock will not last forever. Things like remotes & batteries are scarce so once they go that is it unfortunately. There is whispers out on the web of factories that are going to make remotes but for right now it is being pushed by the huge number of Boosted riders on things like Reddit. So look after your boards as best you can.  You can shop all our Boosted parts HERE including belts etc or if you need something specific you don't see give us a call.

For all Boosted advice and repairs please give us a call or email so we can book you in to get your board sorted

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We have found a few places that sell Boosted as well as have parts and info that may help. If you know anyone else that can support the community please let us know.

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