Yes Jackpot Snowboard | 2022

Yes Jackpot Snowboard | 2022

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  • A modern freestyle classic steps it up with camber.


    The Jackpot introduced the original MidBite outline 5 years ago that has since trickled throughout the line whenever a new or updated Twin is on the roster. This year's Jackpot is now a cambered board to compliment more aggressive riding, clearly distinguishing it from the Dicey model. As the Jackpot is designed primarily as a park/ resort board it features a unique tip and tail profile that employs a sharper transition off the contact points to a flatter, more drawn-out kick.


    Size Guide: Size wise a 156cm suits someone between 63kg and 86kg and if your looking for more speed and stability for bigger terrain, size up and alternatively if you're on the lower end of weight recommendation you can comfortably size down.


    Key Features- Sintered Base, True Twin, 7/10 Flex, Camber, Full Poplar, Traix Glass, MidBite, Freestyle Specific Board


    Waist Width - 152/250, 154/252, 156/254, 158/256

"Birthed during a global financial crisis, it’ll take more than a global pandemic to stop YES. "