Yes 420 UnInc. JPS Snowboard | 2022

Yes 420 UnInc. JPS Snowboard | 2022

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  • They killed the last Unicorn


    JP Solberg was devastated to learn that the last white rhinoceros had been killed and that now that race was extinct. He wanted a strong message to be said about the extinction of species and chose the 420 as the canvas for his protest. The board is based on the Pro20 chassis which found so many converts last year. The more aggressive flex pattern and snap from the Poplar + Paulownia core, coupled with a high-speed sintered true base and 4mm of camber underfoot brought the shape from a pow-specific quiver board to an immensely fun do-it-all mountain board. 


    Artist : Richard Bentley @itsabentley2020 he has been part of Norwegian sideways subculture since he was very young. « Art has always been a dear friend of mine and over the years became my lifestyle. From working in the industry, to being a tattooist for decades to finally returning to a full time artist.»


    Size Guide: Size wise a 148cm suits someone between 50kg and 73kg and if your looking for more speed and stability for bigger terrain, size up and alternatively if you're on the lower end of weight recommendation you can comfortably size down.


    Key Features: Directional Weird Shape, Blended Rocker + Camber Profile, Sintered Base, 8/10 Flex, Poplar/paulownia Core, Triax Glass.


    Waist Width - 141/256, 145/260, 148/286, 152/286