Simple Longboards Platypus Longboard Mahogany | 50"

Simple Longboards Platypus Longboard Mahogany | 50"

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  • The board that started it all. Bamboo, birch, glass, carbon and mahogany molded with concave, a camber, and two solid kicktails.

    With its Classic Design and New Improved Core Made From Birch and Layers Of Bamboo To create different Levels of flex. The Flex, the feeling a board gives you while riding it, while carving hard until the wheels break out while landing a trick, or after an insanely high hippy jump, that's the unique property which is different in every board out there. Simple is beautiful.



    Key Features: handcrafted in Simple's workshop in Austria will get a unique serial number and the signature of the craftsmen

    Length: 127 cm / 50 ”

    Width: 23 cm / 9,05″

    Wheelbase: 84 cm / 33″

    Kicks: 13 cm / 5,1″

    Construction: bamboo, birch, glass, carbon, mahogany.