Simple Longboards Phlatypus Longboard Mahogany | 50"

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There is no sizing guide when it comes to longboards, it's all about your riding style and personal preference. When it comes riding style, certain boards work better for certain types of riding.


A Pintail is a classic style longboard. Designed to have a surfy feel, great for tight turns and cruising.

Drop Through

A drop through is a long board where the trucks drop through the deck of the board. This gives you lower centre of gravity, giving you more balance and stability. Great for cruising.

Drop Down

A drop down longboard is very similar to a drop through, the difference is that the trucks don't drop the deck and instead the deck curves down near the base of the truck. This gives you even more stability and unique feel similar to snowboarding. Makes a great cruising board.


Downhill longboards are typically a bit wider and feature very coarse grip tap. Giving you stability and grip when speeding down a hill.


Freestyle boards can come a various shapes and sizes. Typically they feature a flexible deck, nose and tail. Perfect for doing flipping the board and landing tricks.


Dance longboards are usually quite long making it easier to walk (or dance) up and down the deck.

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