Shark Wheel Wave Complete Cruiser | 29.5"

Shark Wheel Wave Complete Cruiser | 29.5"

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  • The Shark Wave 29.5" is one of those cruisers that is all about the wheels. What can I say about the Shark Wheels, well they do what they say on the tin. These are the smoothest cruiser wheels ever made, super fast due to the small contact patch but super grip with the wide stance. This proven shape is a ‘go-to’ for Shark Wheel fans all over the world as it allows you to flow through the diverse landscapes of the urban jungle, mountain roads, sea-side boardwalks, and even skateparks, with ease This deck has a nice usable front and back kick, perfect for commuting to uni, cruising the boardwalk, or even shredding the park.

    Key Features: Shark Wheels, Maple Construction, Double Kick, Cruiser Shape, Origin Trucks, 60MM 78A California Roll Wheels

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