New Deal Morrison Bird Hand Deck | 9.875"

New Deal Morrison Bird Hand Deck | 9.875"

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  • Old Skool vibes with this Limited New Deal Morrison Bird Hand re-issue.  Made from Resin-7 Construction which are single pressed meaning that each board is identical to its brother on the shelf. Made from 7 plies of Canadian hardrock maple, the Resin-7 construction uses a gnarly epoxy that allows for more strength with less glue. This means that Resin-7 decks are considerably lighter, stiffer and longer lasting than traditional 7-ply construction.  New Deal was started by Andy Howell, Steve Douglas and Paul Schmitt in 1990 after sensing a street skating revolution was looming. New Deal was fronted by Howell's graffiti inspired graphics, and through multiple groundbreaking videos went on to become one of the early 90s most influential companies.


    Every skateboard deck sold at Twelve comes with a free sheet of Jessup grip tape!


    Key Features- Width 9.875", Length 31.3", Wheelbase 14"-14.5", Resin 7 Canadian Maple Construction, Re-Issue, Pro Andrew Morrison