Lucid Spray-on Grip | Medium

Lucid Spray-on Grip | Medium

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  • Spray-on grip keeps that natural top sheet of your board in full view.  Lucid's extremely clear grip was designed to keep the beautiful surface you want to grip still show through. Whether it's wood, fiber glass, metal, ceramic, you name it our product practically sticks to almost all clean finished surfaces.  The grip is made from a recycled glass material and comes in three different granular sizes. Light, Medium, and Heavy. 


    If you looking for a little more grip but still easy on the feet and you want to match whats on the deck then medium is for you. 

    Package includes: Step 1 "The Liquid" 2.5 oz Bottle / Filled full with Liquid, Step 2 "The Grip" - 2.5 oz Bottle / Filled half way with grip (Select Grip Size from Drop Down Menu), Foam Brush, Instructions, Lucid Grip Sticker