Landyatchz Bamboo Pinner Complete Handstand 2018

Landyatchz Bamboo Pinner Complete Handstand 2018

  • Landyachtz Bamboo Pinner Handstand

    For long cruises or short rides, nothing compares to a big pintail board. The Pinner stands out from the crowd with bamboo/maple construction and a rockered shape providing a comfortable and flexy hammock for your feet. Can you imagine what boards would have been like if there were designed for our hands instead of our feet? Maybe the grip tape would be softer and smooth to the touch. Maybe there would be specific grooves just for our fingers to sit in. Luckily, the art of skating on your hands never really took off and boards have been designed for our feet instead. But we would still like to pay homage to the few, the proud, the hand boarders.

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