ExWay X1 Pro Electric Longboard

ExWay X1 Pro Electric Longboard

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  • Twelve Board Store has the biggest range of electric skateboards in Australia.  We stock a huge range of the biggest most renowned brands including Evolve, Boosted, ONEwheel, Exway and DOT.  So why get your electric board from us?

    Try Before You Buy - Drop in and demo all our boards to help find your perfect ride.  Our staff has years of experience with e-boards and can guide you through what they do, don't do and teach you how to ride and take care of them.

    Instore After Service -  When you buy your board from us we service your board free for a year.  This includes bearing and wheel services as well as changing things like belts etc.

    Huge range instock - We have boards instock ready to go whether you buy online or instore.


    The new ExWay X1 Pro takes the sleek X1 and adds some grunt.  Bigger battery gives this a 25km range as well as a top speed of 45km/h.  The new ExWay X1 Pro has 85mm wheels as standard as well as a new zippy Turbo mode which will push 1200 watts of power to the motors making hill climbing a breeze.  The new 3mm shock absorbing griptape makes the ride smoother while still making the ExWay X1 Pro IP-55 water resistant.  What we love about ExWay is the sleek, lightweight design and completely maintenance free Hub Motor.  Get the ExWay X1 Pro in Australia at Twelve Board Store with free delivery Australia Wide.


    Features: 25km range, Stiffer more stable feel, Shock absorbing griptape, Water resistant, Quiet Hub Motor

    In The Box: Board, Charger, Remote, Instruction manual