Evolve Bamboo GTX | All Terrain
Evolve Bamboo GTX | All Terrain

Evolve Bamboo GTX | All Terrain

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  • Evolve is taking the world by storm! The Bamboo GTX takes the Bamboo GT's platform and crams a massive 10AH battery in there, It's going to take a while before this beast runs out of juice.

    Dual 1500 watt motors at the rear provide enough power to charge up any hill you can come across, acceleration for days, and a top speed that will see you passing anyone in your way.

    The new Maple and Bamboo deck construction stays true to the original Bamboo's longboarding roots, perfect for cruising and hella stable at speed.

    Double kingpin trucks make carving up a storm easier than it's ever been, perfect for super tight carving. Paired up with Evolves 170mm all terrain wheels it makes for a dreamy smooth ride that will cruise over anything you can throw at it.

    Regardless of what your plans are, the Evolve Bamboo GT will have you covered!

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