Evolve Bamboo GT Street Electric Skateboard
Evolve Bamboo GT Street Electric Skateboard
Evolve Bamboo GT Street Electric Skateboard

Evolve Bamboo GT Street Electric Skateboard

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  • The new Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GT is a maple core drop through shape longboard deck with a bamboo topsheet that has the look and feel of a traditional longboard   Nice and low to the ground you will feel safe and secure whether you are racing through traffic or cruising along the coast .  The ergonomical new Evolve R2 remote sits nicely in your hand and controls your acceleration, braking and speed mode.  It even tells you your battery life.  The Evolve Bamboo GT Street version has dual 1500 watt motors (3000 watt total power) at the rear to provide enough power to charge up any hill you can come across, acceleration for days, and a top speed that will see you passing anyone in your way.  The new Maple and Bamboo deck construction stays true to the original Bamboo's longboarding roots, perfect for cruising and hella stable at speed. 

    The Evolve Bamboo GT offers more riding modes than ever before allowing all levels of rider to enjoy the product safely with the added ability to adjust your mode while riding to suit conditions and maximize efficiency. Use “SLOW” mode for easy control and a safe top speed, perfect for beginners and first time users. Once you get the hang of things switch to “ECO” mode for a relaxed ride and unparalleled range. Try “FAST” mode to whizz past traffic and turn your commute into your daily adrenaline rush hour, and if you dare, switch to “GT” mode to unleash the insane power and acceleration with the ability to climb hills of up to 25% gradient!Double kingpin trucks make carving up a storm easier than it's ever been, perfect for super tight carving.

    Paired up with Evolves 83mm street wheels it makes for a super smooth, super high performance blend that will satisfy even the most die-hard performance enthusiast.  Upgrade wheel size for even more range and torque.

    Regardless of what your plans are, the Evolve Bamboo GT will have you covered!

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"Whether you want to ditch the car for a new commuter, are a snowboarder or surfer looking for the ultimate concrete carver or just want to have the best fun you need one of these"

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