Boa Sigma Wheels | 80mm/83a

Boa Sigma Wheels | 80mm/83a

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  • Built for maximum torque and grip – the Boa Sigmas measure in at 80mm in diameter, but don’t let their size fool you, they feature an impressive ultra wide contact patch measuring 63mm. You get maximum grip, and superior torque and power delivery from your board, allowing you to accelerate faster than larger diameter wheels. Not only are they quick off the mark, but sliding on the Sigmas brings a new level of control and stability thanks to the added contact patch and overall wheel shape.


    Key Features: 80mm Diameter, 63mm Contact Patch, 83a Duro, 10/10 Torque , 3/10 Top Speed.

    These wheels are compatible with the following boards

    • Boosted Board v2 & V3
    • Evolve Carbon/Bamboo GT/GTR (with Kegel Pulley)
    • Exway X1/Pro (Riot) / Exway Flex / Exway Wave (with Kegel Pulley)