Boa Hatchling Wheels | 90mm/83a

Boa Hatchling Wheels | 90mm/83a

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  • With a great mix of torque and speed, the Boa Hatchlings are a fantastic wheel choice. Measuring in at 90mm diameter with a 60mm contact patch, you get grip and ride comfort with minimal torque loss. The Boa Hatchlings are also perfectly suited to LDP as well as general cruising.


    Key Features: 90mm Diameter, 60mm Contact Patch, 83a Duro, 5/10 Torque / 5/10 Top Speed

    These wheels are compatible with the following boards

    • Boosted Board v2 & V3
    • Evolve Carbon/Bamboo GT/GTR (with Kegel Pulley)
    • Exway X1/Pro (Riot) / Exway Flex / Exway Wave (with Kegel Pulley)